Woody Guthrie Folk Festival: July 13-17, 2011
Okemah, Oklahoma

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o Performing Artists

o Other Performances and Events

* Other Events and Activities
      o Art of the Song Creativity Radio: John Dillon & Vivian Nesbitt
      o Guitar Workshop: Terry "Buffalo" Ware and Andrew Hardin
      o Woody Guthrie Poets: Dorothy Alexander & Nathan Brown
      o Hoot for Huntingtons
* A Tribute to Jack Hardy: Karen Mal
* Mary Jo's Pancake Breakfast at Lou's Rocky Road Tavern
* Community Outreach Program Performances:
      o Susan Herndon: Colonial Park Nursing Home
      o Rob McNurlin: Okemah Senior Citizen's Nutrition Center
      o Nancy Apple: Okemah Care Center
      o Happenstance: Pioneer Nursing Home
* Potpourri (As In Everything Else!)




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