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kennedy_tmsc-4_8354 banner_tmsc-4_8331 wear_tmsc-4_8336
Rod Kennedy-Producer (L) and Jim Wear-Creative Arts Manager
 robert_tmsc-4_0003 robert_tmsc-4_0004 robert-jonas_tmsc-4_0009
Robert (Pronounced Row-BEAR') Performs a Sound Check For Billy Jonas
 robert-kennedy_tmsc-4_0006 robert-wear_tmsc-4_0008 tmsc-4_tfia-robert_8384 robert_tmsc-4_0005
 fans_tmsc-4_0018_1  fans_tmsc-4_0028  fans_tmsc-4_0033 fans_tmsc-4_0030 fans_tmsc-4_0031
 vendors_tmsc-4_0067 vendors_tmsc-4_0069 vendors_tmsc-4_0066 vendors_tmsc-4_0061
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