2005 Southwest Regional Folk Alliance Conference
Pool Party and Open Mic

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allen-warren_fa05_cd5_0056 allen_swrfa05_cd5_0010 pool-party_swrfa05_cd5_0023
 austin_swrfa05_cd6_3286  austin_swrfa05_cd6_3287  butterfly-sky_05_cd5_0012  butterfly-sky_swrfa05_cd6_3281
Michael Austin w/ Ron Welch Butterfly Sky
 ensle_swrfa05_cd5_0015  ensle_swrfa05_cd5_0017  fahl_swrfa05_cd5_0007  shed_swrfa05_cd5_0042
George Ensle David Fahl Tom Shed
llewellyn_swrfa05_cd5_0032 llewellyn_swrfa05_cd5_0033 turcotte_swrfa05_cd1_3006 viator_swrfa05_cd5_0004
David Llewellyn Rick Turcotte Mark Viator
marsh_swrfa05_cd5_0028  marsh_swrfa05_cd5_0029  marsh_swrfa05_cd5_0031 wolf_swrfa05_cd5_0035
Dale Marsh Carley Wolf
 shuffield_swrfa05_cd5_0048 shuffield_swrfa05_cd5_0054 shuffield_swrfa05_cd5_0055
Sally Suffield

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