2005 Southwest Regional Folk Alliance Conference
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jacobs-strain_fa05_cd5_0061 jacobs-strain_fa05_cd5_0062 quist_swrfa05_cd5_0064 quist_swrfa05_cd5_0066
David Jacobs-Strain Gordy Quist
 meyer_swrfa05_cd5_0082 meyer_swrfa05_cd6_3298  meyer_swrfa05_cd5_0090  meyer-sylvester_05_cd6_3300
Frank Meyer w/ Michael Austin and Sylvester
schmidt_swrfa05_cd3_0091 schmidt_swrfa05_cd3_0084 schmidt_swrfa05_cd3_0085
Danny Schmidt
williams_swrfa05_cd5_0098 williams_swrfa05_cd5_0101
Jack Williams
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