2004 Southwest Regional Folk Alliance Conference
Pool Party and Open Mic

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allen_swrfa04_cd4_0498 e-stories_swrfa04_cd4_0462 frost_swrfa04_cd4_0473 hawley_swrfa04_cd4_0520 j-bridge_swrfa04_cd4_0459 keller_swrfa04_cd4_0495
Dalis Allen Extraordinary Stories Donna Frost Scott Hawley Jubilant Bridge George Scherer
kjlland_swrfa04_cd4_0476 lamotte_swrfa04_cd4_0491 lamotte_swrfa04_cd4_0493 lamotte_swrfa04_cd4_0494 marsh_swrfa04_cd4_0479 marsh_swrfa04_cd4_0486
Kjlland David LaMotte Dale Marsh
tapia_swrfa04_cd4_0501 tapia_swrfa04_cd4_0503 tapia_swrfa04_cd4_0505 vaughn_swrfa04_cd4_0509 vaughn_swrfa04_cd4_0510 whitmore_swrfa04_cd4_0469
Abi Tapia Idgy Vaughn Alex Whitmore

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