2003 Southwest Regional Folk Alliance Conference
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photoglo_swrf03_cd3_0095 polk_swrfa03_cd3_1180 polk_swrfa03_cd3_1182 reynolds_swrfa03_cd3_0098 slone_swrfa03_cd1_0058
Jim Photoglo Kerry Polk Jenny Reynolds Molly Slone
slone_swrfa03_cd1_0059 taylor_swrfa03_cd3_0049 taylor_swrfa03_cd2_1142 taylor_swrfa03_cd1_0998 taylor_swrfa03_cd3_0046
Molly Slone Dulcie Taylor
troy_swrfa03_cd1_0018 troy_swrfa03_cd5_1309 warner_swrfa03_cd3_0028 williams_swrfa03_cd3_0079 winstons_swrfa03_cd2_1085
Michael Troy Melissa Warner Christopher Williams The Winstons
yarrow_swrfa03_cd5_1317 yarrow_cappadocia_1315 yarrow_swrfa03_cd5_0003 yarrow_swrfa03_cd5_1319 yarrow_swrfa03_cd5_1367
Bethany Yarrow w/ Rufus Cappadocia
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