19th Annual International Folk Alliance Conference
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Elvis and Friends
  elvis-allen_ifac07_cd1_0042 elvis_ifac07_cd3_0004 elvis-allen_ifac07_cd1_0044  
  Dalis Allen  
   elvis-louis_ifac07_cd1_0036  elvis_ifac07_cd1_0001_1 elvis-stewart-dirden_ifac07_cd3_0003
  Louis Jay Meyers   Charlie Stewart - Deanne Dirden
a-clark-interview_ifac07_cd5_0111 a-clark-interview_ifac07_cd5_0121 a-meyers-intvw_ifac07_cd8_0025 a-winchester-intvw_ifac07_cd5_0019 a-winchester-intvw_ifac07_cd5_0024
Dave Marsh - Guy Clark Louis Jay Meyers William Lee Ellis - Jesse Winchester
Guerrilla Showcases
 b-hanke_ifac07_cd4_4235 b-hanke_ifac07_cd4_4232  b-hanke-harlan_ifac07_cd4_4238 b-hanke_ifac07_cd4_4244_1 b-harlan_ifac07_cd4_4242
Eric Hanke   Eric Hanke Matt Harlan
 b-rose-raina_ifac07_cd4_4245 b-rose-raina_ifac07_cd4_4247
Raina Rose
board-alumni_ifac07_cd4_0014 board-alumni_ifac07_cd4_0015
Current Board / Alumni Luncheon
c-martin-stage_ifac07_cd2_4209 c-martin-stage_ifac07_cd2_0012 c-martin-stage_ifac07_cd2_0016  c-martin-stage_ifac07_cd8_0026
Martin Day Stage

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