16th Annual International Folk Alliance Conference
Private Showcase Artists

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bissex_ifac04_2553 bissex_ifac04_2562 
Rachel Bissex
bonneville_ifac04_2621 bonneville_ifac04_2628 bonneville_ifac04_2618 bonneville_ifac04_2619
Ray Bonneville
buirgy_ifac04_2724  byrd_ifac04_2670  chandler-feeney_ifac04_2721  chandler-feeney_ifac04_2719
Suzanne Buirgy Jonathan Byrd Chris Chandler & Anne Feeney
dreamcicles_ifac04_2538  dreamcicles_ifac04_2542 grammer_ifac04_2738  hawkins_ifac04_2759
The Dreamsicles Tracy Grammer Ernie Hawkins
 johnsmith_ifac04_2665  lee-boys_ifac04_2771  lewis_ifac04_2556  michaels_ifac04_2642
Johnsmith The Lee Boys Zoe Lewis Jaime Michaels
moyer_ifac04_2662  spicer_ifac04_2705 steppin-in-it_ifac04_2800 steppin-in-it_ifac04_2801
Tena Moyer Amilia Spicer Steppin' In It
 two-high_ifac04_2785   waybacks_ifac04_2566 waybacks_ifac04_2563
Two High String Band   The Waybacks
  yarrow-b_ifac04_2752 yarrow-b_ifac04_2753  
  Bethany Yarrow w/ Rufus Cappadocia

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