Texas Music Goes To GTMO
Naval Base Tour

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Land Tour Guide Rhett Boren (L)
Boat Tour Guide Melissa "Mojo" Steinman (R)
tour_cd4_0009 tour_gtmo_cd4_0010 tour_gtmo_cd4_0007 tour_gtmo_cd4_0009 tour_gtmo_cd4_0014
tour-forest_gtmo_cd4_6679 tour_gtmo_cd4_6676 tour_gtmo_cd4_6677 tour_gtmo_cd4_6678 tour_gtmo_cd4_0008
tour_gtmo_cd4_0001 tour_gtmo_cd4_0016 tour_gtmo_cd4_0025 tour_gtmo_cd4_6684 tour_gtmo_cd4_6674
tour_gtmo_cd4_0029 tour_gtmo_cd4_0030 tour_gtmo_cd4_0043 tour_gtmo_cd4_6672 tour_gtmo_cd4_6671

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