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parnell_gtmo_cd3_6577 parnell_gtmo_cd3_6596 parnell_gtmo_cd3_6606 parnell_gtmo_cd3_6650
parnell_gtmo_cd3_6662 parnell_gtmo_cd5_6728 parnell_gtmo_cd5_6740 parnell_gtmo_cd5_6805
parnell_gtmo_cd6_0034 parnell_gtmo_cd3_6574 parnell_gtmo_cd6_6861 parnell_gtmo_cd6_6865
Rob Roy Parnell and Friends
tom_cd5_6715 tom_gtmo_cd2_6465 tom_gtmo_cd2_6468  
tom_gtmo_cd2_6466 tom_gtmo_cd3_6539 tom_gtmo_cd3_6553
    Phillip Tom
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